Disaster has struck Crimea: Putin to hide the trouble, a lot of corpses

Катастрофа обрушилась на Крым: у Путина скрывают беду, много трупов

Environmentalists in the Crimea are sounding the alarm because of the recent large-scale forest fire

To restore the flora and fauna after the recent forest fire near the village of Ordzhonikidze, under Theodosius will need for decades. About it on 20 September on Radio the Crimea.Realities told Crimean ecologist Margarita Litvinenko.

The fire under Theodosius burned 45 hectares of forest, leaving behind a lot of corpses of animals.

“If we are talking about the forest litter, then of course there will be plants, but a very different look than grew there before the fire. And if you talk to the prospect, then, for example, in Sevastopol after the fire, when burning pine, the forest has not recovered to this day. Given the fact that in Crimea not so many forests, mainly of steppe plots and those plantations ecostone is a decade,” said Litvinenko.

Also in the video program reported that the Russian government hid the scale of the disaster, and the statistics poorly reflects the reality of the loss.

Most likely, added the ecologist, forest plantations in the form in which they were, is not restored.

Recall that in Russia captured the Crimea there was a new chemical disaster. Local residents raised the alarm because of the disturbing symptoms. On the deterioration of people complain in social networks. It is reported that the incident occurred in the district center Lenine. Locals began to notice the symptoms, similar to those noticed in Armyansk after himataki in the factory “Titan”: it is impossible to breathe, a headache, a stomach, there is bitterness in the mouth. At the same time, complaints and appeals of the Crimean people simply ignore.

People suspect that the reason for their poor health was the work Semicontinental tank farm built by the invaders to likely military targets.

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Катастрофа обрушилась на Крым: у Путина скрывают беду, много трупов

In the end, the indignant inhabitants of Lenino decided to record a video message to the so-called head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

“Adults and children living near the tank farm, are suffering from a suffocating odor of petroleum products. They have frequent headaches, exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases, General deterioration of health”, — complain the people.

“Endure the mockery of the health of the residents of the village no more strength,” said the locals.

Recall Zelensky talked about the powerful ally, Crimea will be ours.

As reported Politeka, Crimea in the midst of the peak season were empty, there were eloquent frames.

Politeka also wrote that the disaster in the Crimea have done the trouble: the dead became more.