Disappointing UN projections on global warming

A new report from the United Nations about climate change, participation in the preparation of which was attended by about 90 scientists known, it is noted that the prevention of the increase in global temperatures by just one degree can change the lives of millions of inhabitants of our home planet.

Невтiшнi прогнози ООН щодо глобального потепління

Meanwhile, the authors of the document, which was posted on 728 printed pages, recognize that this would be not so simple. Moreover, there is a huge probability that the temperature will continue to rise, informs Rus.Media.

If the desired goal was achieved, the scarcity of water resources on the planet would be suffering twice less people, moreover, would have drastically decreased the mortality rate from the heat, smog and infectious diseases. Much lower would also be negative impact on the ecological system, and therefore on the Earth for future generations would be preserved more species of plants and animals. The Antarctic glaciers did not melt as progressive, and the Global sea level would rise much more slowly.

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