Diffusion Saguenay now five years

Diffusion Saguenay (DS) was born in an emergency, a fortnight after the bankruptcy of the Theatre du Saguenay. Five years later, the organization has become the third biggest cultural broadcaster in Quebec, with an annual budget of $ 4.3 million, $ 26 million assets and 110 employees.
“It is really born of bankruptcy. There was the disappearance of a cultural organization. But we managed to organize a high-performance broadcasting device for a region, as many like to say, far away, “expressed the president of DS, Mazurette Pierre, who took stock of the first five years of the organization, in an interview with the Daily.

The creation of a single public entity for the territory also helped end the competition between local broadcasters, and especially to reduce the risk of bankruptcy. In addition to replacing the Théâtre du Saguenay, DS also swallowed the Producson passage Jonquière and the Corporation of the City Palais Theatre of La Baie.

“There was an unhealthy rivalry. People were in competition, which meant that performances were sometimes lost. It could also play on the price of tickets. At the end of the line, the audience was lost. I believe our greatest strength, however, is the fact of having unified all the public broadcasters’ tip me Mazurette also proud to have set up a trust for the money of spectators, a measure of protection that did not exist before the creation of DS.

The organization generates 75% of own revenues. The rest is paid by the city and the annual aid from Quebec and Ottawa. According to the president of DS, this is an excellent performance as a complete autonomy is almost unattainable given the task of disseminating all the arts.

“Being completely autonomous, it would not be desirable. Everyone pays taxes and state restores us to the dissemination of culture, it is normal, “says Me Mazurette.

“Because this support is needed. The dissemination of culture is fragile. We saw it with the week of the puppet, the Dufour Auditorium. They went bankrupt. The culture is strong in terms of sustainability. It is the development, dissemination of culture that is fragile, “says the president.

In recent years, DS has faced criticism, including its programming. Some have accused the organization emphasize humor, leaving some arts. A strongly refuted by me Mazurette finding.

“Our priority is to broadcast all of the arts, from opera to ballet through humor and drama. And you get there. But it allows us to get there is balance in the income of the organization, “he says. “Of course, the comedy shows are very important. This is a trend seen throughout Quebec. The humor is selling well, which then allows us to present the theater, the ballet, “he adds.

As for the other regional stakeholders from the arts community, Pierre Mazurette ensures that the organization is very cooperative. Even several partnerships have been created since 2010 with groups, including the Symphony Orchestra, the Company lyrical arts of the Kingdom, Quebec Issime, Jazz and Blues Festival.

“The Sun Shines Bright. And you talk to anyone who wants to talk to us. Without exception! It is not sectarian. Yes, we defend our way. But our approach is open and respectful. ”

Palace Theatre soon good news
The President of Diffusion Saguenay could have good news to announce in the coming months about the future of the Theatre Palace Arvida. Closed for 18 months, the heritage building must undergo work of more than $ 3 million before reopening its doors. Although he refused to set a specific timetable, Pierre Mazurette is optimistic facing the stimulus project to modernize the room, while keeping the charm of an ancient tavern.

“All our efforts are focused on the reopening of the Palace. I’m not a quitter. But that’s okay. Is desired as soon as possible opening, “replied the president Diffusion Saguenay, which is still awaiting confirmation of the various financial partners.

It still wants to partner with the program Art and Media Technology (ATM) Cégep de Jonquière to incorporate an educational component to the Theatre Palace Arvida. The partnership will take the form of a capture and recording studio built inside the room.

“By integrating ATM, it could offer producers capture shows. Cégep de Jonqière, they have a technical laboratory. So we manage to turn it into practical laboratory. That’s my baby. I want the project materializes, “drop me Mazurette.

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