Died world-famous ballerina, a woman of legend

Скончалась всемирно известная балерина: женщина-легенда

The name of the famous ballerina had already written in Golden letters in the history of world ballet

At the age of 19 the dancer was partially blind, but despite this, was one of the most technical dancers on the planet.

Worldwide famous Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso died at the 99th year of life Thursday, October 17. This was reported by the national ballet of Cuba, which she founded in 1948 and led to his death.

Скончалась всемирно известная балерина: женщина-легенда

“A prima ballerina of assoluta” (assoluta is a rank or title that get the most brilliant ballerina whose authority is unshakable in some region and for quite a long time – ed.) and the Director of the National ballet of Cuba Alicia Alonso died at the age of 98 years”, — stated in the message.

Скончалась всемирно известная балерина: женщина-легенда

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In the world

The cause of death Alonso is not specified.

Alicia Alonso was born in Havana, Cuba. She studied the art of dance of Russian immigrants.

At the age of nineteen ballerina partially lost his eyesight, which was deteriorating.

The ballerina danced in various roles in the theaters of Europe, Asia and America. Despite poor eyesight, was one of the most skilful dancers of the world. According to the famous Soviet and Russian ballet dancer and choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev, “the name of Alicia Alonso written in Golden letters in the history of world ballet”.

Alonso awarded the Anna Pavlova, was awarded the order of Isabella the Catholic. She was also the goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO. It is called the legend of the world ballet.

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Скончалась всемирно известная балерина: женщина-легенда

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