Died the star of the show “the Voice” after the death of his beloved: the mystical tragedy

Умер звезда шоу «Голос» после гибели своей возлюбленной: мистическая трагедия

The tragedy shocked the world of show business

Gone from the life of musician Andrew man a little over three months after the death of his female model Ellie McDonnell

They were the parents of two-year Siena rose, who is now an orphan. Ellie also was a mother to Harry, nine, Sarah, 15, and Alex, 17 years old.

Andrew man became famous after she starred in the second series of “Voice of Ireland”, and released his debut EP Middle of the Dancefloor in 2013.

Умер звезда шоу «Голос» после гибели своей возлюбленной: мистическая трагедия

He met with mom of four ally of Rathfarnham, South Dublin, within a few years, but the couple broke up a few months before her death.

She tragically died in February after he revealed that her address received a nasty abusive messages.

“Why a man can call a girl thick ugly girl? Seriously, a new level of pushing someone to the edge”, she wrote.

When the popular single mother unveiled a message to his Troll buddies assured that she is “beautiful.”

One of them said, “Some women are so beautiful that some men become extremely insecure and jealous, the fault lies on him, not on you.”

According to journalists, died of natural causes. The police found nothing suspicious. However, fans of the girl think that she could commit suicide.

She was represented by a model Agency, former miss Ireland Andrea Roche.

Умер звезда шоу «Голос» после гибели своей возлюбленной: мистическая трагедия

The model has also been an Ambassador for the fight against autism after two of her children diagnosed.

“I accept every coming day, what it is, and try their best. I work hard and love my children with all my heart. Maybe they have autism, but they are healthy, happy and very loved”, — she said.

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