Died the star of the show “Daddy’s girls”: “I managed to inform about pregnancy”

Ушла из жизни звезда сериала "Папины дочки": "успела сообщить о беременности"

55-year-old Irina Zybina managed to announce her pregnancy lover

The actress, last wife of Eugene Evstigneeva Irina Zybina, who died at the age of 55, shortly before his death confessed that she is pregnant. This was told by her last lover Denis Serdyukov.

“Two weeks ago, Irina told me that she was pregnant. It is necessary to conduct an autopsy,” told 49-year-old Denis Serdyukov in the program “live” with Andrey Malakhov. He added that not too long ago along with Ira recorded the song, but never presented it on the big stage.

Ушла из жизни звезда сериала "Папины дочки": "успела сообщить о беременности"

According to the man, he wanted to make Zybina offer hands and hearts, but not yet. Serdyukov also said that he heard of the death of the woman on the phone.

“Motsepe someone after the death of Irina created chat. Me there added. That’s where I read the message that the Ira is no more”, — he stressed.

The actor added that he had spoken with the actress several hours before her death.

“I’m Irina texted APR 17 14:03: “Zaya, good day.” She said that she was asleep. At 21:45 I again sent a message, asked about her health. But a TEXT she didn’t read” — said Serdyukov.

We will remind, Irina Zybina was the last his wife, Evgeny Evstigneev, the couple had been married for six years, until the actor’s death in 1992. She was married four times.

As you know, the actress began to have serious problems with alcohol after a breakup with a lover. This is also confirmed by the doctors who looked at the actress with the naked eye in the last years of his life. According to doctors, the woman started to look older than their years, and many signs are literally there.

Ушла из жизни звезда сериала "Папины дочки": "успела сообщить о беременности"

Earlier it was reported that Russia had suddenly died distinguished artist of Russian Federation. At the age of 55 years died Zybina Irina: “Irina died just spoke with the morgue, I was confirmed. Her body was brought today in the morning, the cause of death is still unknown,” – said Khairova.

Sensed something was wrong the son of Eugene, when the mother stopped answering his calls. Arriving to her house and opened the door, he found the lifeless body of her.


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