Died the second “Hitler”: the conscience of the executioner dozens of children’s lives

Ушел из жизни второй "Гитлер": на совести палача десятки детских жизней

Died Hitlerite, whose name is associated with the tragedy at the railway during the Second world war

In Germany died, the former SS soldier Karl Munter (Münter Karl). About it write German mass-media. About the death of 96-year-old veteran SS has rasstroil due to its unproven, but probable involvement in the terrible massacre of adolescents and men back in 1944:

“The rest of your life Munter retained sympathy for Nazism and was considered a hero among members of the far-right National democratic party of Germany (NPD)”, — referred to in the material Europe1. But the name of Myunter primarily attributed to his involvement in the mass executions, known as the “Massacre at the ASC”. The tragedy occurred in the French village of Ask in 1944, which was ruthlessly executed 86 locals:

“April 1-2, 1944, in the vicinity of the French village was assassinated at a train carrying troops of the 12th SS Panzer division “Hitler youth”. The SS were furious because of the attempts of the resistance to disarm and eliminate. Then they collected 86 adolescents and men living on both sides of the railway, and executed people.” At that time, “the Hitler youth” serve and Munter.

Ушел из жизни второй "Гитлер": на совести палача десятки детских жизней

Photo: ARD Panorama

He previously stated that did not participate in the execution and only escorted the victims. It is also known that in connection with the deaths of people had a lot of trials:

“The descendants of the victims of the massacre in USK wanted justice and was called to condemn the Myunter to the fullest extent of modern law.” But the relevant Gorgany Germany protested against the descendants of the victims and insisted that another Tribunal in France in 1949, Mother was convicted and may not be re-punished for the same offense:

“In 1955 he was pardoned in the framework of Franco-German reconciliation measures after the Second world war, returned home and began working as a postman”. His death was confirmed by the authorities of Saxony, where the last years of his life and resided the murderer.

Ушел из жизни второй "Гитлер": на совести палача десятки детских жизней

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