Died suddenly famous beauty: “she was only 22”

Внезапно скончалась известная красавица: "ей было всего 22"

The girl was treated for drug addiction, but after 5 months of sobriety tragedy

The daughter of the drummer of the band Slipknot Shawn Crahan — Gabriel — died from a drug overdose. She was 22 years old.

The girl’s body was discovered on Saturday, may 18. According to sources in law enforcement bodies, the incident has discovered utensils for drug use. The exact cause of death will be determined during the forensic examination, but the outward signs indicate an overdose of illicit substances.

According to Daily Mail, Gabriel, died three days later after he published in Instagram photo dedicated five months of sobriety. In the picture is the “coin of sobriety” alcoholics anonymous. She also posted a selfie, which looks healthy and happy.

Внезапно скончалась известная красавица: "ей было всего 22"

The funeral will be held Sunday, may 26 in Iowa, the home of the group .

The band Slipknot was formed by singer / guitarist Anders Colsefni, bassist Paul gray and drummer-percussionist Kratom. 49-year-old Crain is the only member of Slipknot that still plays in the team since the Foundation, he wears the stage name “Clown” or “No. 6”. He had two sons and eldest daughter.

Внезапно скончалась известная красавица: "ей было всего 22"

Earlier it was reported that the Australian DJ and music producer Adam Bat was found dead after trying to rescue his girlfriend who fell from a private terrace. But during her rescue he fell and received fatal injuries.

Adam Neate, who performed under the stage name Adam sky — was found in a pool of his own blood in the resort Hillstone Villas Resort in the South of Bali in Kuta, on may 4 around 10 am. DJ stayed in the hotel with two friends. After a while he realized that the room is not enough its employee-Russians Zoe Lukyantseva. She fell from the terrace, flying as four meters and broke his leg.

The police believe that Adam ran into the yard to help the woman. But did not calculate the forces and crashed into the glass door of the Villa. The man received deep cuts on his hands, which led to fatal hemorrhage.

Recall that the star of the show “the Voice” died after the death of his beloved: the mystical tragedy.

As reported Politeka, died a famous actress-beautiful.

Also Politeka wrote that he died a popular musician, “his songs have become iconic”.