Died suddenly famous beauty: “did not live to see the 30th birthday”

Внезапно скончалась знаменитая красавица: "не дожила до 30-го дня рождения"

The unexpected death of a popular blogger shocked subscribers in a month she would have turned 30

A popular travel blogger Rachel Jones died at the age of 29 years. About the unexpected death of women reported intimate visit her blog, Hippie in Heels Facebook.

“With great sadness we have to write that Rachel died. It was a great shock to all of us,” — said in the text. About the causes of the tragedy, the authors of the post, signed as Ben, Jeff, Carl and Travis, you didn’t.

According to friends of Jones, they pereformuliruem her popular blog into a community where all members can publish their thoughts, write reviews and share travel experiences.

Внезапно скончалась знаменитая красавица: "не дожила до 30-го дня рождения"

American Rachel Jones studied at the Ohio state University at the nurse and almost a year worked in the cardiology Department of the hospital, before he decided to devote his life to travel. For several years she lived in Goa and later moved to Mexico. On June 9 she would have turned 30 years old.

In Facebook it was signed by more than 83 thousand people in the Instagram— over 100 thousand. According to her, their stories she wanted to inspire people to travel and that life does not need to be postponed for “later”.

Внезапно скончалась знаменитая красавица: "не дожила до 30-го дня рождения"

Earlier it was reported that he died the new Zealand actor of Samoan descent PUA Magasiva. It is reported by CNN. The body of 38-year-old artist was discovered in the heart of Wellington on the morning of 11 may. The cause of death was not specified, however, a police spokesman said no suspicious circumstances are detected. He explained that the case will be transferred to the investigator.

It is noted that last month the actor went on to Bali. He went there to celebrate a wedding anniversary in 2018 PUA married teacher Liz Sadler.

Mahasiva became famous thanks to such films as “30 days of night”, “eye of the storm”, “Wedding Siona” and “Panic at Rock island”. In addition, he played in the TV series “power Rangers: Dino Thunder”, “power Rangers: Ninja Storm”, “Shortland street”, “outrageous fortune” and “Diplomatic immunity”.

We will remind, has passed away legendary Hollywood actress: “her beauty was admired by millions.”

As reported Politeka, died a scandalous TV star: “the most famous victim of plastic surgery”.

Also Politeka wrote that the heart has stopped legendary actor: “Gone, like a real Cossack.”