Died Russian actress Natalia Korchagina

Умерла российская актриса Наталья Корчагина

Famous actress died in Moscow at the age of 70 years. The cause of death has not been disclosed.

Died in Moscow, Soviet and Russian theater and film actress Natalia Korchagina. This was reported on the website of the Moscow theatre of the young spectator, in which she performed since 1974.

The actress died at age 70 on Monday, November 5th. To say goodbye to my artist colleagues, friends and fans will gather in the Moscow theatre of the young spectator 8 Nov. In this day and held a funeral. The cause of death Korchagina has not disclosed.

The actress served in the theater and played in the movie. She is known for roles in films the Lord’s fish, Mama do not cry 2 and also in the TV series Stalin Live, Two colors of passion, House of exemplary content and Atlantis. In small roles, the actress appeared in the television series My fair nanny and Interns.

Yesterday in Rome, died a famous Italian actor Carlo Giuffrè. The actor passed away after a long illness. Earlier, Russian actress died right on the stage. Artist Prokopyevsk drama theater Anna Sokolova was 49 years old.

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