Died on bloody Putin’s friend: it’s revenge for Ukraine, the fatal details

Умер кровавый друг Путина: это месть за Украину, роковые подробности

The Russian occupation troops “of the L/DNR” continue to incur loss of personnel in the Donbass

About the next breakthrough APU said the Ukrainian army officer Anatoly Stefan Callsign “Stirlitz” in social networks

According to him, the APU fighters managed to eliminate the commander of intelligence of terrorist groups Alexei Troca.

Умер кровавый друг Путина: это месть за Украину, роковые подробности

It is reported that high-ranking terrorist with a call sign “Leo” died after fatal clashes with the forces of OOS yesterday, September 11.

As we know, Alexei Tracy is a collaborator and traitor of Ukraine because he was born in 1976 in the village Ocheretyany Donetsk region. In the 1990s he worked in the local police, then took charge of an agricultural enterprise.

Early in the war sided with the Russian occupation troops, and in 2015, the “lion” received several awards from commanders of terrorist units.

According to the site “Peacemaker”, he is survived by two adult sons and wife. Information about the death of senior terrorist confirmed one of the former leaders of “DNR” Alexander Khodakovsky in social networks.

Умер кровавый друг Путина: это месть за Украину, роковые подробности

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Previously, we reported on the new tragedy of the APU in the Donbass. According to the press center of the headquarters of the environmental protection, Ukraine suffered huge losses as a result of the shelling of the Russian occupation troops.

It is noted that during an enemy attack two soldiers of the Armed forces of Ukraine were injured, incompatible with life. In addition, the staff of environmental protection announced that one Ukrainian soldier was severely wounded.

“The circumstances of the accident are being investigated. Working group of the military police of the armed forces of Ukraine and command of the military unit”, — stated in the message.

Total for the day of September 11, militants 18 times violated the ceasefire. The attacks were conducted in the district of Bogdanovka, Nevel, Novohnativka, Avdeevka, Sands, Novotroitsk, Water, Krasnogorovka, Food technologist, Pavlopol, Groove, Zaytsevy, Luhansk, Novoluganskogo, Novgorod.

Recall that EP covered a bloody battle, Mat pulled out a clear victory, Putin to panic.

As reported Politeka, APU under fire, the militants staged the hell, started the brutal attack in EP.

Also Politeka wrote that the APU fighters talked about the fight, which was concealed from the Ukrainians.