Died legendary Ukrainian: “in recent years have become a living hell”

Умер легендарный украинец: «последние годы стали настоящим адом»

Was an outstanding scientist – Ukrainian did not become 59 years of age

Died the doctor of pedagogical and candidate of historical Sciences, Professor, ex-Dean of the faculty of history, Poltava national pedagogical University (PNPU) Boris Year.

About this on his page in Facebook said the Professor, head of Department of geography and regional studies of PNPU Leonid Mace:

“The last years of his life he bravely fought the disease,” said friend and colleague.

Умер легендарный украинец: «последние годы стали настоящим адом»

It is known that Boris, died on 59 year of life, Sunday, August 11. What diseases are fought scientist is unknown, but colleagues have noted that that last time was just exhausted.


Boris was born on 18 August 1960. In 2009-2014 he held the position of rector of PNPU, and from 1997 to 2002 – Dean of the history faculty. He was head of the Department of world history and methods of teaching history.

The holder of the title Honored worker of education of Ukraine. Marks awarded by Ministry of education of Ukraine “excellence in education of Ukraine”, “For scientific achievements”, honorary Academy of pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine “Ushinsky KD “, diplomas of Ministry of education of Ukraine.

Boris, he founded the scientific school “Development of the main trends of the Renaissance experience of education and training in the national pedagogical theory and practice,” and taught a new history of countries of Europe and North America, the history of international relations, history of Latin America, controversial issues of foreign and domestic history. He researched the history of education in Europe XIV-XVII centuries.

Умер легендарный украинец: «последние годы стали настоящим адом»

Recall also, on 17 July it became known about the death of a famous Ukrainian who fought in the zone of the OOS — fighters of a battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”:

“Died Strebig Svetlana, the fighter of a battalion” Donbass-Ukraine “, in the battalion from March 2015”.

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It is known that Svetlana Strebig died from a long illness — despite the struggle of the brave women with cancer the doctors ‘ efforts, the support of Ukrainians — it still failed to save:

“After one and a half year battle with cancer in life, all the while planning to continue the service for the return of occupied land under the control of Ukraine because its home city of Donetsk.
Glory To Ukraine! Heroes do not die “, — is spoken in the message.

Умер легендарный украинец: «последние годы стали настоящим адом»

Svetlana Strebig, the fighter of a battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” a native of Donetsk, and in 2014 lived with the hope that the Ukrainian army returned control of the entire territory of Ukraine, the write brothers.

Recall and that became another prominent Ukrainian. Died a famous Ukrainian lawyer and politician Viktor Musiyaka:

“Really scary and black news this day. Such as Viktor Lavrent’evich was one. And here’s their less — the terms of contracts. He was a very good man. Crystal clear. Decent. Professional with a capital letter. One of the most competent and effective MPs”, write in the network.

Viktor Musiyaka was one of the authors of the Constitution. On his death became known on Monday, July 22. Viktor Musiyaka died at the age of 73 years.

We will remind, the wife of ally Poroshenko is in trouble near Kharkov: “burned it all”.

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians are scared of the murder of a chef: now we have to keep quiet so as not slaughtered.