Died legendary Russian musician: “the songs everyone knows”

Умер легендарный российский музыкант: "эти песни знает каждый"

Died Creator of the familiar every second, growing up in the USSR, children and teenagers “Beautiful far”

Russian media has just reported that he died Evgenie Krylatov.

The legendary composer died at the age of 85 years, he is more famous to the public as the author of music to cartoon about Buttermilk, and many Soviet films:

Eugene Krylatov also is the author of famous songs from films — “Forest deer”, “Winged swing”, “Three white horse”, “Beautiful far” and many others.

Умер легендарный российский музыкант: "эти песни знает каждый"

We will remind, died film and television actress Barbara Perry. The actress was 97, she left quietly in his house – “naturally”, as noted by the medical examiner at the scene of the discovery of the body of the legendary actress:

“Barbara Perry died of natural causes at his home in Hollywood” — also confirmed to the media, relatives of the actress.

It is known that Barbara Perry was born 22 Jun 1921 in Norfolk. The popularity it gained thanks to the television program “Show dick van dyke” — where she played the role of the wife of one of the main characters of the project of Maurice Sorrella. Barbara Perry starred in the infamous film “the Naked kiss” directed by Samuel fuller of the many other movie-scenes.

Recall also, sad news came from overseas to Ukraine. On the 65th year of life died Steve Golin.

As you know, the famous filmmaker for a long time struggled with cancer.

Steve Golin produced such films as “Game”, “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”, “Alive”, “being John Malkovich” and the TV series “True detective”, “Mr. Robot” and others.

The culmination of work began in 2016 – the coveted “Oscar” for the contemporary social drama “In the spotlight”.

We will remind, has left the life of “the fastest woman in the world.”

As reported Politeka, stopped the heart of a legendary artist: “Gone, like a real Cossack.”

Also Politeka wrote that tragically took the life of the famous Ukrainian doctor, who saved hundreds of lives.