Died legendary Hollywood actress movies and TV shows with it watched all

Умерла легендарная голливудская актриса: фильмы и сериалы с ней смотрели все

The actress died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 86 years

American actress who played many unusual, interesting or eccentric characters Linda porter died on the 87th year of life, reports deadline.

According to the source, an elderly woman for many years struggled with cancer. Porter died Wednesday, September 25.

Умерла легендарная голливудская актриса: фильмы и сериалы с ней смотрели все

Best known for her role Myrtle in the series Supermarket, which aired on NBC. At first glance, the inconspicuous role of a store employee Cloud 9, however, Portman stood out for their irony, jokes and a bit one dimensional offensive phrases.

Porter also took part in the filming of “twin Peaks”, “American horror story”, “How I met your mother”, “Family”, “family Guy” and other paintings.

Умерла легендарная голливудская актриса: фильмы и сериалы с ней смотрели все

We also reported that the legendary actress Irina Bogacheva suddenly passed away.

Information about terrible grief confirmed by the press service of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, Professor of where she was.

In particular, people’s artist of the USSR Irina Bogacheva has died at the age of 80 years and it is a great tragedy for the Opera.

According to Russian media, the legendary Opera singer, died in St. Petersburg yesterday, September 19, in his 81st year of life.

As we wrote earlier, in the Netherlands at the age of 70 years died a famous conductor Maestro Alexander vakoulsky. Cultural activist for more than 20 years led the Amsterdam Symphony orchestra.

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To music education bassoon he came to Leningrad. A talented musician, graduated from a postgraduate course in orchestra conducting.

After graduating from high school Pakulski worked at the Leningrad Philharmonic orchestra. In 1976, he moved to the Netherlands, where he became principal conductor of the Amsterdam Symphony orchestra and has worked in this position for 23 years.

The conductor has worked with leading orchestras in European countries – Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, France and others. In Europe they called him “the most gifted conductor of our time”.

“Went real genius”, – commented on the fans of the conductor and the news of his death.

Recall the legend of the Soviet cinema suddenly died: “burned for two weeks,”

As reported Politeka, heart to the famous actress-Ukrainian woman “her beauty was admired by millions.”

Also Politeka wrote that died a famous Russian actress: “star husband remained a widower”