Died legendary actress: “she-era”

Ушла из жизни легендарная актриса: «женщина-эпоха»

Actress, writer, designer, artist, life story, which became the plot for the series, passed away at the age of 95 years

Died one of the first designers blue jeans Gloria Vanderbilt. The last time she battled with stomach cancer.

Gloria Vanderbilt was the only child of a major railroad Reginald Claypool Vanderbilt and his second wife, Gloria Morgan. Her father died from cirrhosis of the liver the following year after her birth. When Gloria was 10 years old, for the guardianship of her began to fight her mother and aunt, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney.

Ушла из жизни легендарная актриса: «женщина-эпоха»

In the mid-80s this trial formed the basis of the mini-series “Little Gloria,” which received six nominations for the award “Emmy”.

Gloria is also known as the founder of the brand Gloria Vanderbilt, under which it has released jeans, shoes, perfumes, liquors and more.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the years Gloria has performed on stage and played several roles in television series.

She was married four times. It is believed that the image of Holly Golightly the novel “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Truman Capote was inspired exactly by Gloria Vanderbilt.

Speakers Gloria Vanderbilt were regularly published in The New York Times, Vanity Fair and Elle, she has also written several books, including in co-authorship with her son, CNN journalist Anderson Cooper.

In 2016, HBO released a documentary film about Vanderbilt “Woman-era. The whole truth”.

“Gloria Vanderbilt was an extraordinary woman who loved life and lived it on her own terms. Often in her life she felt alone, but at the end of her journey she was not alone, she was surrounded by beauty, her family and friends,” said her son.

As previously reported, the death cult Russian actress is cluttered with the details, because the truth surfaced about her relationship with her husband. It is reported Starhit.

“Beloved Soviet actress became Nikolay Kuzminsky, who had no relation to acting. The couple lived together for a little less than 30 years. During this time the couple never had children — Elina Avraamovna couldn’t get pregnant,” — said in the message.

At the same time, journalist Andrei Karaulov said that the actress “went through hell”.

Ушла из жизни легендарная актриса: «женщина-эпоха»

“Bystritskaya was telling me how she was forced to live with her husband after he tried to kill her — poisoned. He had a young mistress, but Elina Avraamovna could not to break up with him at the time, divorce was not encouraged. She went through hell, but managed to stay an actress,” said he.

Later, the guard claims the actress “lost memory”. “She couldn’t play she had to wear headphones. Still it was very difficult to walk,” he said.

Recall that the heart has stopped legendary actor, adored him millions: “There is no more.”

As reported Politeka, the scandalous star of the ‘ 90s died: “the past months have turned into hell.”

Also Politeka wrote that died a famous Russian actress: “star husband remained a widower”.