Died legendary actor originally from Ukraine: “the tragedy in the world of cinema”

Умер легендарный актер родом из Украины: «трагедия в мире кино»

Has died the known actor of theatre and cinema

Actor Andrey Kharitonov died June 23 at age 59. This was reported in Facebook Director Vitaly Mansky.

“It was not Andrei Kharitonov. I made exactly 40 years ago, during the filming of “Gadfly” in Lviv, when Andrey met. After this film he became a real star. And then something snapped. And went, unfortunately, it is almost forgotten. Life is such a thing… My condolences to all who remember and love”, — wrote Mansky.

Умер легендарный актер родом из Украины: «трагедия в мире кино»

The cause of death of Andrei Kharitonov was stomach cancer, the actor has long struggled with cancer, according to the Russian “channel five”.

As the wife of actor Olga Seregina in Facebook, he will be buried in Kiev.

Умер легендарный актер родом из Украины: «трагедия в мире кино»

Andrey Kharitonov — Soviet and Russian actor of theatre and cinema. He was born 25 Jul 1959 in Kiev.

His most famous role was Arthur in the film “the gadfly”. Kharitonov has also starred in the films “the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta”, “Secret “blackbirds” a” and “the invisible Man”.

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