Died lead singer Nancy Sergey Bondarenko

Умер солист группы Нэнси Сергей Бондаренко

At the time of death of the musician was 31 years old. There is information that the cause of death was an accident.

Died lead singer Nancy Sergey Bondarenko, who is also the son of its founder Anatoly Bondarenko. About it the father said on his Facebook page.

The death occurred early on the morning of 18 October. In a press-service of the group noted that the cause of death of the musician became an accident. However, in details did not.

Group Nancy has gained popularity thanks to her hit the Smoke of cigarettes with menthol, authored by Bondarenko-senior.

Video clip for the most famous song of the group:

Earlier it was reported that he died the guitarist of metalcore band All That Remains Oli Herbert.

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