Died last one Audrey Hepburn

Умер последний избранник Одри Хепберн

81-year-old Dutch actor Robert Wolders, the last chosen of the actress Audrey Hepburn, died on July 12. The press confirmed in the official UNICEF Hepburn. The Fund’s Executive Director Ellen Fountain reported that Walters died “in the loving circle of his family”.

In the official Twitter-account of the Fund also said goodbye to “mentor, friend and member of the Board”.

Robert Wolders was born in 1936 in Rotterdam. Received his education at the Academy of dramatic arts in new York.

Audrey and Robert only met once in 1980. The year before from a stroke and died his first wife, legendary British actress Merle Oberton. The Hepburn has had two failed marriages (with Mel Ferrer and Andrea Dotti). In his last interview to People magazine, the actor admitted that never made suggestions Hepburn, as they both didn’t feel it was necessary.

Умер последний избранник Одри Хепберн

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After Hepburn death in 1993, Walters met Shirley Fonda, widow of actor Henry Fonda, with whom he lived since 1995.

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