Died infamous Director, “his films are known all over the country”

Умер скандально известный режиссер: "его фильмы знает вся страна"

The doctors were unable to save the life of the Creator of the famous films

French Director and screenwriter Jean-Claude brissot died at home at the age of 74 years. About tragedy written by the newspaper Le Monde according to relatives of the celebrity.

According to local journalists, the Director has long wrestled with the disease. But the old body could not fight the disease. Death overtook him in the hospital.

Умер скандально известный режиссер: "его фильмы знает вся страна"

Jean-Claude brissot became famous all over the world with his film “the sound and the fury”. And his painting “White wedding” with Vanessa Paradis in the lead role was nominated in two categories of the award “Cesar” and was the most profitable. The Director also won two awards at the Cannes festival. In addition, in 2012 he was awarded the main prize of the film festival in Locarno “the Gold leopard”. The jury recognized his film “the Girl from nowhere” is the best among all participants

The work of Jean-Claude brissot known not only in his native France, but also abroad. However, the fame of the Director is booming not only because of the accomplishments in film. In 2000-ies he was in the midst of loud sexual scandal. In 2005 Jean Claude brissot was convicted of harassment two actrescom. The court sent him behind bars for a period of one year.

Умер скандально известный режиссер: "его фильмы знает вся страна"

Earlier, died a famous Hollywood actor, a relative who “gave the name” cult monster. Clement St. George von Frankenstein was a contemporary of Jean-Kloud brissot and also died on 75-m to year of life in hospital in Los Angeles from hypoxia. This was told by his producer Gabriel Murray. According to him, Clement struggled to the last, but his body can not withstand ten days of coma.

According to the publication, reports the Hollywood Reporter, the actor has played small roles in famous movies: “the American President”, “the Death of her face”, “hail Caesar!”, “AWOL”, “Robin hood: men in tights”. Appeared in the TV series “Californication”, “Star trek” and “Joan of Arc”. However, the story of his birth and family she would be a good subject for a movie. After all, his ancestor gave the name of the famous Victor Frankenstein and his creation.

We will remind, suddenly died a famous Ukrainian showman: “king of stage”.

As reported Politeka, the second died in 3 days the actor from “Peculiarities of national hunting”: the details of the tragedy.

Politeka also wrote that the death of the son of the famous Russian actor: “convulsed”, the mysterious part.