Died famous model, her beauty was admired by millions: “the real Muse”

Умерла знаменитая модель, ее красотой восхищались миллионы: "настоящая муза"

Left the life of a famous model and one of the main muses of the iconic fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent

At the age of 71 years died Marina Schiano model, photographer and jewelry designer. She starred for Vogue, was engaged in business development Yves Saint Laurent in the U.S. and then worked at Calvin Klein and Vanity Fair.

“The name Marina Schiano forever associated with Yves Saint Laurent, because it brought to life his idea of a perfect modern woman, a working woman, feel confident in the corporate men’s field, because it was at the time President of the house of Yves Saint Laurent in North America,” said Madison Cox, President of the Foundation Pierre bergé — Yves Saint Laurent.

Умерла знаменитая модель, ее красотой восхищались миллионы: "настоящая муза"

Умерла знаменитая модель, ее красотой восхищались миллионы: "настоящая муза"

Earlier it was reported that in Canada, died of the American-Swiss photographer, film Director and cameraman Robert Frank. The tragedy said Peter McGill, one of the founders of the new York gallery Pace MacGill. Frank was 94 years. The cause of his death is not reported.

Robert Frank is considered one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century and a recognized master of documentary photography. The most famous of his work — the photo book “the Americans”, published in the late 1950-ies. It contains photos that the photographer took during a trip to the USA. The American edition of the book came with a Preface writer Jack Kerouac.

As a Director he made the movie “Me and my brother”, “Sugar mountain,” “This song for Jack” and others.

Умерла знаменитая модель, ее красотой восхищались миллионы: "настоящая муза"

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Also previously died the famous German photographer Peter Lindbergh, who all his life was devoted to fashion. According to official information, the star of the fashion industry died at the age of 74 years.

“It is with great sorrow we announce that Peter Lindbergh died on 3 September 2019 at the age of 74 years”, — stated in the message, which was published in his Instagram account.

During his professional career as a photographer in the fashion industry Peter Lindbergh collaborated with various fashion magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Esquire. Also he is credited with achievements in the creation of the phenomenon of the supermodels of the 1990-ies, among which Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Kate moss, and his work was admired Monica Bellucci and Angelina Jolie.

Умерла знаменитая модель, ее красотой восхищались миллионы: "настоящая муза"

We will remind, passed away the Creator of “Pun”, his work is adored by millions of details.

As reported Politeka, there is a big disaster in the family of the famous actor and star of “the battle of psychics.”

Also Politeka wrote that suddenly died a famous actor, who starred in “the cursed” series.