Died controversial TV personality: “the most famous victim of plastic surgery”

Умерла скандальная телезвезда: "самая известная жертва пластической хирургии"

Gone from the life of the most famous in the USA a victim of plastic surgery

At the age of 84 years died Elsa Patton, a member of the us reality show “the Real Housewives of Miami.” But the real fame was brought to her freak appearance as a result of unsuccessful plastic surgery.

“Elsa died in his home surrounded by loving family. Raise a glass of champagne in her memory,” — said the relatives of the deceased, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The socialite starred in “Housewives” from 2011 to 2013, along with her daughter Marisol. The series talked about the luxurious life of the rich ladies from Miami. Craving for plastics became pathological after the release of the first season of the show. The Botox part of her face was perfectly still, the woman vaguely was talking.

Умерла скандальная телезвезда: "самая известная жертва пластической хирургии"

In this case, before his death, Patton remained cheerful and sociable. Her crippled only the death of her husband Donald, with whom she had been married for 50 years, died in 2018.

Умерла скандальная телезвезда: "самая известная жертва пластической хирургии"

Earlier it was reported that in California, died the famous American actress, one of the biggest movie stars of the “Golden age of Hollywood.” Actress and singer, star of the 1960-ies Doris day died at the age of 97 years. It is noted that dey died surrounded by family and friends.

Her career began at the end of the era of classic Hollywood cinema with the film “romance on the high seas”. Dey also played a major role in the film “Calamity Jane” and starred in the Alfred Hitchcock film “the Man who knew too much”. Her most successful films were the romantic Comedy “pillow talk” and “Move over, darling.” Dey is one of the most grossing Actresses of the XX century.

Умерла скандальная телезвезда: "самая известная жертва пластической хирургии"

Also Doris day has achieved great success as a singer, she has released more than 20 albums. Singles day, five times won first place in the charts in the United States. The day has two stars on the walk of fame in Hollywood for his contribution to the film industry and the recording industry.

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As reported Politeka, died a famous actress loved by the entire country: tens of years in a movie.

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