Died a famous Russian writer: “fatal night was the last”

Умер известный российский писатель: «роковая ночь стала последней»

Became known Russian writer died unexpectedly at the age of 61

Died writer Yuri Isakov. The tragedy occurred on the night of 13 October. This writes Рoliteka with reference to the publication in Facebook. In particular, the spouse of the deceased satirist and writer told the public that Isakov did not this night:

“George died today of a massive stroke. No information about the date of funeral and place of burial yet, the only thing we know is that his family will be using cremation services. But in any case, I and daughter Yury Tatiana Uspenskaya decided that the funeral will be family. Will be present only the closest people. Please understand and forgive. To bid farewell to the Jura will be able to everyone in the cemetery,” wrote the grief-stricken woman.

Умер известный российский писатель: «роковая ночь стала последней»

A colleague and good friend Isakov Leonid Kaganov wrote in his blog:

“…Cheerful, kind, a keen sense of people. He was only 61 years, a massive stroke. We’ve crossed paths and worked in the same teams many times since the days of “Titles and special effects” and “Once a week” …Very painful.”

You can find a lot of publications on the page of the deceased writer’s friends, colleagues, admirers and acquaintances Isakov write words of support to his family and condolences in the loss. Yuri Isakov wrote scripts for a dozen projects for TV and for movies, including worked on one episode of the popular Russian series “My wonderful nanny”.

Умер известный российский писатель: «роковая ночь стала последней»

Recall also died in the Russian editor Maria Tomashevskaya. The interpreter shortly before his death was involved in a scandal.

On the death of the Russians said Professor HSE Hasan Huseynov. Maria Tomashevskaya worked in the “Foreign literature” and Ad Marginem, she also translated ancient literature.

So previously, Tomashevskaya edited the novel “the kindly ones” by Jonathan Littell, published in 2011 the publishing house Ad Marginem, Russian media reports – not all the process went smoothly and drew the conflict:

“October 8 edition of “Bitter” published an interview Littell, in which the writer said that Ad Marginem released his novel with significant reductions, which was not informed. The head of the publishing house Alexander Ivanov said that the changes made Tomashevskaya-editing of translation” — there is a speech in material “Medusa”. Some have speculated that her health condition deteriorated due to conflict at work. But according to the reported death of the editor Huseynova, she was sick a long time:

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“It was a chronic disease that is severe and has nothing to do with the publication of Littell, she was in the hospital when all this happened, and I don’t think it was something you could do to influence it”, — he added.

Умер известный российский писатель: «роковая ночь стала последней»

Recall also, died the famous KVN-size of the KVN team “national Team of Snezhnogorsk” from the Murmansk region, Russia Yevgeny Zharikov. This was announced in social networks the team captain and her husband Sergey Zharikov.

According to the artist, Eugene passed away in a few days – she was diagnosed with cancer late stage:

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to save Eugene. Today at 6 a.m. she died in a clinic in Moscow,” wrote Zharikov.

Eugenia Zharikova was diagnosed with cancer in September:

“The diagnosis of sarcoma of the stomach fourth degree. …The disease very late made itself felt”, — said earlier the spouse of the deceased.

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As he wrote Politeka, stopped the heart of a legend of French cinema.

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