Died a famous Russian artist, the husband told the terrible news: “too late…”

Умерла знаменитая российская артистка, муж сообщил страшную новость: "слишком поздно..."

Famous Russian artist died in hospital

Died famous KVN size of the KVN team “national Team of Snezhnogorsk” from the Murmansk region, Russia Yevgeny Zharikov. About it report the Russian mass media with reference to the publication in the social networks of team captain and her husband, Sergey Zharikov.

According to the artist, Eugene passed away in a few days – she was diagnosed with cancer late stage:

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to save Eugene. Today at 6 a.m. she died in a clinic in Moscow,” wrote Zharikov.

Eugenia Zharikova was diagnosed with cancer in September:

“The diagnosis of sarcoma of the stomach fourth degree. …The disease very late made itself felt”, — said earlier the spouse of the deceased.

Умерла знаменитая российская артистка, муж сообщил страшную новость: "слишком поздно..."

We will remind, “Team Sochi” — Murmansk Champions League semi-finalists of the Ural League of KVN in Russian Federation. The team also reached the semi-finals of the Higher League of KVN of a season of 2019.

Recall also, September 19, the doctors brought the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk from coma. Rosssmi reported that the actress was transferred from intensive care into an ordinary ward:

“Car crash brought out of a medically-induced coma”. It is known that brain swelling has been significantly reduced thanks to the efforts of doctors. It is also known that the artist again started a family, she is now with them in the ward of the therapeutic Department of the Moscow private clinics, which treated.

As we wrote earlier, Anastasia Zavorotnuk yesterday, September 18 came to mind:

“The family brought to the house a package of important documents,” was discussed in the message source. So we know that the actress can even begin to study the papers, if it will give good doctor.

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Умерла знаменитая российская артистка, муж сообщил страшную новость: "слишком поздно..."

Recall also, the 48-year-old Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, a celebrity, according to rosssmi now literally fighting for his life – against this background, an experienced oncologist told whether the artist is a chances of survival with put her diagnosis.

As previously reported, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, September 13, is in intensive care. According rosssmi her critical stage of cancer and the doctors brought her in an artificial coma. Official statements from the representatives of the actress and her family on this occasion was not.

It is also known that about the terrible diagnosis of Anastasia and her husband skater Peter Chernyshev learned after the birth of their total daughter. Mila was born in March.

Recall, the Director was shocked by the truth about pregnancy Zavorotnyuk: “the Belly was not.”

As reported Politeka, Zavorotnyuk from “My fair nanny” to collect money for the treatment.

Also Politeka wrote that the star of “My fair nanny” Paul Serdyuk scared appearance: “it is very difficult to live.”