Died a famous Russian aircraft: received an award from Putin

Умер известный российский авиаконструктор: получил награду от Путина

In Russia died a famous aircraft designer, who received the award from Putin

It is reported by OBOZREVATEL.

It is reported that the aircraft, which worked as in the Soviet Union, and after its collapse, Henry Novozhilov has died on 94-m to year. As you know, Novozhilov-General designer of Ilyushin design Bureau from 1970 to 2005.

Henry Novozhylov was known for having supervised the creation of the first jet military-transport Il-76, and the first domestic wide-body Il-86 long-haul Il-96.

Умер известный российский авиаконструктор: получил награду от Путина

“Were, are, and will serve aircraft of Russia”: the Dead Henry Novozhilov, twice Hero of socialist labor, three times awarded the order of Lenin, the former General designer of “Ilyushin”, the Creator of Il-76 and Il-96, the man whose name is the plane Putin — on the liner-shaped plaque,” wrote the Pro-Kremlin journalist Dmitry Smirnov in his Twitter.

Умер известный российский авиаконструктор: получил награду от Путина

Earlier it was reported that in Russia on 77-m to year of life died avtokonstruktor Valery Domansky. For many years he worked as a chief designer, has created as a classic “Field” and its known modifications of VAZ-21213 and 21214. Important project for Domanski was working on floating “Niva” (VAZ 2122 “River”). Although the development of this model was done by order of the Ministry of defense, to line machine has not reached. In the end, the most known to the General public the project designer was a VAZ-2123 (Chevrolet Niva). This car is still manufactured by the company “GM-AVTOVAZ”. To improve this model he continued to work in recent years. The designer was hospitalized on April 23 with the third stroke. 4 days the doctors fought for his life, but to save him failed.

We will remind, it became known about death of the former Governor, who was known by the entire political elite. This was reported by journalist Alexey Kirichenko on his page in Facebook.

As reported Politeka, the aircraft crashed near the airfield in the East of Russia. About it write the Russian mass media with reference to the government of the region.

Also Politeka wrote that the network has published a grim video from the scene of an emergency in the Khabarovsk region of the Russian Federation. It is reported by telegram-channel LifeShot.