Died a famous Russian actress-beauty: revealed mystery, “the husband put the rat poison”

Умерла знаменитая российская актриса-красавица: вскрылась тайна, «муж подсыпал яд»

The death cult Russian actress is cluttered with the details, because the truth surfaced about her relationship with her husband

It is reported Starhit.

“Beloved Soviet actress became Nikolay Kuzminsky, who had no relation to acting. The couple lived together for a little less than 30 years. During this time the couple never had children — Elina Avraamovna couldn’t get pregnant,” — said in the message.

Умерла знаменитая российская актриса-красавица: вскрылась тайна, «муж подсыпал яд»

At the same time, journalist Andrei Karaulov said that the actress “went through hell”.

“Bystritskaya was telling me how she was forced to live with her husband after he tried to kill her — poisoned. He had a young mistress, but Elina Avraamovna could not to break up with him at the time, divorce was not encouraged. She went through hell, but managed to stay an actress,” said he.

Later, the guard claims the actress “lost memory”.

“She couldn’t play she had to wear headphones. Still it was very difficult to walk,” he said.

As previously reported, Mexico passed away Edith Gonzalez – the star of the popular soap operas “wild rose” and “Rich too cry”. Three years ago, the woman developed ovarian cancer. González courageously fought the disease, but she was stronger.

In 2017, Gonzalez went into remission, but this year the disease returned.

The actress left her husband, Lorenzo Lazo, and 14-year-old daughter Constanza.

The woman continued to work actively until his death, most recently she was a judge of the Mexican reality show “This is my style”.

Colleagues of the star expressed her family’s condolences. So, the leading Mexican popular morning show Andrea Legarreta called Gonzalez “a loving man” and an example for women.

Add a famous Hollywood actress who starred in cult TV series “sex and the city”, died in the car “ambulance”.

Heart stopped American actress Sylvia miles. The star itself went to the doctors because of difficulty breathing, but died on the way to the hospital.

The actress died at the age of 94 in new York. The exact cause of death not yet reported.

Умерла знаменитая российская актриса-красавица: вскрылась тайна, «муж подсыпал яд»

Recall that the heart has stopped legendary actor, adored him millions: “There is no more.”

As reported Politeka, the scandalous star of the ‘ 90s died: “the past months have turned into hell.”

Also Politeka wrote that died a famous Russian actress: “star husband remained a widower”.