Died a famous associate of Putin: “the government and the doctors could not save”

Умер известный соратник Путина: «власть и врачи не спасли»

On Saturday, April 27, it became known about death of the former Governor, who was known by the entire political elite

This was reported by journalist Alexey Kirichenko on his page in Facebook.

“Alexei Ivanovich Lebed left. Eternal memory”, — he said.

Note that we are talking about a former Governor of Republic of Khakassia, which is part of the Russian Federation. According to users, he died in hospital from internal bleeding.

Also users said that the younger brother of the famous Russian politician Alexander Lebed was a “charismatic man who has achieved much”.

Умер известный соратник Путина: «власть и врачи не спасли»

Note that Alexey Lebed was the head of Khakassia from 1997 to 2009. From 2009 to 2011 was the Deputy of the State Duma. At the time of his death he was 64 years old.

As previously reported, on Saturday, April 27, it became known about the death of the former President, who was an idol for millions of people

“The former President of Ethiopia, Negasso Gidada, which ruled the country from 1995 to 2001, died on Saturday at 76-m to year of life. As noted, the politician died in Germany, where he received treatment. Diagnosis doctors do not tell”, — stated in the message.

The reporters said that Gidada was the first President of Ethiopia since the establishment of parliamentary Republic in August 1995. In 2001 it was replaced by Girma Wolde-Giorgis.

Add in the Thursday, April 25, former President of the USSR 88-year-old Mikhail Gorbachev was hospitalized hospital.

The former head of state was going to the premiere of the documentary “Meeting with Gorbachev” Werner Herzog and andré singer, who closed the 41-th Moscow international film festival.

“Gorbachev wanted to come to the screening of the film. But he is in hospital not feeling well. The doctors did not allow him to come,” — said the singer.

Умер известный соратник Путина: «власть и врачи не спасли»

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