Died a famous actress and singer, who became a Muse Rosenbaum: details of the tragedy

Умерла знаменитая певица и актриса, ставшая музой Розенбаума: детали трагедии

Didn’t become a famous artist, whose fame originated in the days of the USSR

The night before — on Wednesday, October 9 died singer and actress Rachel Gedalia. At the time of death the artist was 64 years old. On the death of the Israeli media. It is noted that the last time the actress was seriously ill:

“It was surrounded by great musicians and artists, and Rosenbaum in the famous song about the coachman mentioned it Chelle: “Hey Rachel!”. Rachel played in the movie – in her short filmography includes the role of a tour guide – it really was her main job in Russia and, as it turned out, in Israel, participation in one of the films of Sokurov, and in several works on “Lenfilm”” – said journalist Vladimir Mak edition “NEWS”.

It is known that the artist was born in Russia, and in Israel with his family arrived in 1990. His first concert at the Cultural center of immigrants from the Soviet Union in the ensemble with guitarists Gregory Nisnevich and Alexei Belousov gave in the same year. Rachel Gedalia loved music and played almost everywhere in Israel, also worked as a tour guide.

Умерла знаменитая певица и актриса, ставшая музой Розенбаума: детали трагедии

Recall also, died the famous KVN-size of the KVN team “national Team of Snezhnogorsk” from the Murmansk region, Russia Yevgeny Zharikov. This was announced in social networks the team captain and her husband Sergey Zharikov.

According to the artist, Eugene passed away in a few days – she was diagnosed with cancer late stage:

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to save Eugene. Today at 6 a.m. she died in a clinic in Moscow,” wrote Zharikov.

Eugenia Zharikova was diagnosed with cancer in September:

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“The diagnosis of sarcoma of the stomach fourth degree. …The disease very late made itself felt”, — said earlier the spouse of the deceased.

Умерла знаменитая певица и актриса, ставшая музой Розенбаума: детали трагедии

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