Die Mona Lisa: the Louvre opened the terrible of the masterpiece of Da Vinci

Мона Лиза умирает: в Лувре раскрыли страшное о шедевре Да Винчи

In the coming days in the Louvre opens on the 500th anniversary since the death of Leonardo da Vinci exhibition

It became known that the famous and priceless painting by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci cracked, write “Izvestia”.

About the critical condition of the painting is said by the keepers of the Department of painting and graphics Department of the Louvre, Vincennes, of Delevan and Louis Franco, answering the question of whether a masterpiece off the wall of the Louvre.

“The picture is very fragile. The crack crosses the entire Board surface and reaches the forehead of the Mona Lisa. It is contraindicated any movement, vibration, climate change. The worst thing is that during transport it can split in half. Therefore, the Louvre doesn’t want Mona Lisa traveled”, — clarified the situation of the Museum staff.

Мона Лиза умирает: в Лувре раскрыли страшное о шедевре Да Винчи

We will remind, oil painting on a poplar Board, its size is 76.8 × 53 cm the Time of writing – 1503-1505 years. It is believed that the painting is portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Florentine textile merchant by the name of Del Giocondo.

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In the Louvre picture, set aside a special room that bears her name. Brought her to France by the artist himself, who moved here under the patronage of king Francis I.

Мона Лиза умирает: в Лувре раскрыли страшное о шедевре Да Винчи

From his work on “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo did not shy away — as it was with many other orders, but rather was given to her with some passion. She was dedicated all the time that remained from his work on the “Battle of Anghiari”.

Recall that scientists have found hand prints of Leonardo da Vinci, and that’s not all: the famous picture struck secrets.

As reported Politeka, the centuries-old mystery of Leonardo da Vinci finally figured out the “save the world”.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian archaeologists have found a medieval treasure: “destroyed the residence of the princes”.