DiCaprio caught with stepdaughter of al Pacino: “no bother”

Ди Каприо застукали с приемной дочерью Аль Пачино: «никого не смутило»

Leonardo DiCaprio luxuriously spends time with the Argentine model and actress

43-Letna Hollywood star relaxes at Cannes. That’s where the paparazzi caught Leo with another beauty.

It was 21-year-old Camilla Morrone. They were seen together a couple of months ago – the young people had fun at parties. Rumor has it that the New year they met together, writes Super.ru.

Ди Каприо застукали с приемной дочерью Аль Пачино: «никого не смутило»

On the côte d’azur saw a couple in an expensive restaurant in a luxury hotel Cap Eden Roc in the French Antibes.

First appeared in the hall, Camilla, and twenty minutes later joined by DiCaprio himself. By his behavior it was clear that he did not want to attract attention.

Lovers ordered one dish for two. After the meal Camille left, and Leo joined his friends, sitting in the same restaurant.

It is known that Camille is from an unusual family. Her father was a male model, mother model and my step-father, the great al Pacino. Age difference couples is 27 years.

Parents Camila Morrone hails from Argentina, where she was born. Later the family moved to the United States.

American tabloids claim that al Pacino, apparently, and introduced Camille with his close friend Leonardo. The fact that Leo is 20 years older than the girls, no one is confused.

Ди Каприо застукали с приемной дочерью Аль Пачино: «никого не смутило»

As reported earlier, famous Ukrainian rapper and producer Alexey Potapenko showed in the online pictures with the legend of the Russian pop star.

Funny photo with Garik Krichevsky amused the network. It Potap showed recently on one of his personal pages in social networks.

Potap posing for a photo with the microphone together with the famous artist himself Garik – a little drunk – judging by the expression on his face: “In a noisy farce , drunken revelations, we rushed to the Garik Genius!” — Potapov has signed the photo.

As we wrote earlier, evidence of a serious relationship Potap and Nastya Kamenskih, as stated on the face: the pair are increasingly appearing together in public, they also travel together, and the recent birthday of the singer – also noted together and in a circle of mutual friends. According to star publications in social networks of actors – they are all good.

Ди Каприо застукали с приемной дочерью Аль Пачино: «никого не смутило»

Recently Potap and Nastya visited France, and was celebrated by the birthday of the singer, among other evidences of the proximity pair photos with stories Anastasia and publication of the farm, where he congratulated and named Kamensky “Beloved”.

Recall that DiCaprio before the wedding sold valuable family heirloom.

As reported Politeka, Leonardo DiCaprio census photo Lviv photographer: “Shows the problem of humanity.”

Politeka also wrote that pitt and DiCaprio appear together on the screens: the date the long-awaited premiere.