“Devil you know”: Zelensky blurted out that sad is associated with Makarevich

"Черт из табакерки": Зеленский проговорился о печальном, связано с Макаревичем

Vladimir Zelensky said, who from the Russian stars sometimes calls him

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky answered questions during a press marathon on October 10.

In particular, touched upon the communication of guarantor with the Russian artists.

In recognition of the head of state, he almost lost all connection. In particular, the musician Andrey Makarevich, he seldom met, the last meeting was about two years ago.

“I’ll be honest, I almost lost all. I with Andrey Makarevich normal relationship. Rarely see each other. The last time was two years ago, unfortunately. Normal relations with Marius Weisberg, who shot our films,” he said.

"Черт из табакерки": Зеленский проговорился о печальном, связано с Макаревичем

“He (Alexander Revva — ed) our, Donetsk. I don’t know whether to say it, I think he even has our passport so far,” — said the head of state.

We will note, earlier Makarevich quite sharply spoke about the victory Zelensky in the presidential elections.

The soloist of the “time Machine” suggested that there is “one thing”, which brings together the former Ukrainian and current Russian government is to “hate” to Zelensky.

“This means that any Joker can pop up like a rabbit from a hat and go to score 70%? What, then, we, the professionals, hold on?” wrote Makarevich.

We will remind, the organizers of the marathon with journalists in Kyiv Food Market suspended the event because of a woman who rushed into the building shouting. The latter shouted that it allegedly did not allow to the President and not allowed to put their questions to the President. Also “debauchery” and demanded to call the police.

The woman admitted that she was a lawyer, a retiree and widow of the deceased in the Donbass military — Tamara Atamas, who wanted to urge the President to waive the immunity of judges, because “in Ukraine there is no equality.” Speaking a few minutes in front of the cameras, the woman withdrew from the room.

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Earlier we wrote that during the press-marathon Vladimir Zelensky said Petro Poroshenko wants to organize a new Maidan.

According to Zelensky, the fifth President against the withdrawal of troops in Donbass and against “formula Steinmeier”.

"Черт из табакерки": Зеленский проговорился о печальном, связано с Макаревичем

Earlier it was reported that Zelensky said — he’s not going to hold on to the position, as Viktor Yanukovych. People need to understand that you prefer — ending the war or will choose among the “goods” on corrupt political market.

Also, the marathon raised the subject of the call of Donald trump. According to the Ukrainian President, the call could not affect the relationship with the head of the United States. Zelensky said that between the U.S. and Ukraine “tired” attitude.

Also the Americans is an interesting question of taxpayers ‘ money that they had invested in Ukraine.

He also explained why it is such an important issue for the United States.

Recall Zelensky stunned a statement in front of millions of people: such Putin is not expected.

As reported Politeka, scandal Zelensky and trump inflames with new force: the account goes on the clock.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky was struck by a deed before meeting with trump.