Determining Marianne Houle

marianne-houle-offert-demonstration-courage(Trois-Rivieres) The young runner of Zenix club Mauricie Marianne Houle gave a fine demonstration of courage this weekend in Sherbrooke during the Invitation Ian Hume.

During the test of 2000 meters child, she suffered two falls at the outlet of a hedge. Following the second incident, which occurred in the stretch, she remained shaken to the ground for a few seconds.

Taking his courage in both hands, protected by Pierre Thibodeau was then raised to complete its journey in second and a standard pocket to attend the Canadian Youth Championships. All with a fractured wrist!

“It was a great lesson determination to see complete proof,” says his coach.

Meanwhile, three of his teammates Zenix took advantage of the event to earn a spot with the provincial team.

William Gagnon distinguished himself by winning the bronze in the 200 at the senior while still juvenile age. His time of 10:38 p.m. earned him the B standard of the Quebec team. The fastest runner was also offered gold in the 100 juveniles.

Teammate Marie-Frederique Poulin also obtained his B standard of the Quebec team in the 400 hurdles she easily won. With a second place in the 1,500 steeplechase junior Elliott Héroux also achieved the feat.

Four other Zenix the riders have passed the standard to compete in the Canadian Youth Championships or cadets Thanks Leonie Abomo-Ako (80 m hurdles) Kamille Lévesque (2000 m and 1500 m steeplechase) and Charles Poulin (1500m steeplechase) and Kimmy Lefebvre (100 m) in juveniles.

In all, the Zenix Club runners won 18 medals. Émile Toupin (gold), Christophe Paré (bronze), Mathis Boisclair (gold and silver), Kesy Gélinas (silver), Elodie Valliere (silver), Jordan Awashish (silver) and Anthony Gagnon (bronze) also paraded on the catwalk. As for Laurence Vallières, she won the bronze medal at the provincial championships in the heptathlon.

Jade Custeau shines 800 m

Side of the Energy Club, Jade Custeau scored his standard of national youth in the 1,500 steeplechase in younger as well as the 800. For this last race, it has particularly shined with a fifth position (2:15:21) in a very quick senior squad.

Stephen Massicotte has also done very well by adding standards in the high jump and the 200m hurdles, that achieved previously in the javelin. Lea Chabot (two golds), Alex Pelletier (gold and two silver), Thomas Massicotte (silver), Laurie Custeau (bronze), Marie Michaud (bronze) and Coralie Doucet (bronze) also contributed to the harvest 14 medals protected Michel St-Pierre.

As for Jade Bérubé, it flew over the competition in the 3,000 steeplechase in its preparation for the Olympic trials in Edmonton from July 7 to 10.

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