Determined by the duration of the most healthy sleep

Определена продолжительность самого здорового сна

Scientists from Seoul national University in South Korea presented the results of its calculations showing how much should last night’s sleep, essential for human health.

“Healthy sleep should last from 7 to 9 o’clock. Sleep duration of more or less significant in comparison to the specified time, can increase the risks of dangerous diseases and mortality,” the researchers noted.

The authors assessed the characteristics of sleep in 133 608 people aged 40 to 69 years. Also, the participants handed over for examination samples of blood, DNA and urine. The study of these data allowed the experts to conclude that people who sleep for ten hours, which is 40 percent more likely to suffer from diseases associated with premature mortality, such as obesity and hypertension. In addition, they revealed elevated levels of cholesterol or sugar.If people regularly slept less than seven hours a day with them in the blood increases the content of copper in the blood, which is estimated by scientists as a factor of increased risk of cancer.


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