Deteriorate and lose their properties: what foods cannot be stored in the freezer

Портятся и теряют свойства: какие продукты нельзя хранить в морозилке

Some products are better to keep on working in low temperatures

There are a number of foods that spoil faster than others, such products made to store in the freezer. However, there are products that it is not recommended to store there.

Eggs. In no case do not need to put eggs in the freezer. The fact that due to low temperature can be a split of the shell, and though the egg is in the freezer, it will not save it from unwanted bacteria. Even if the split does not happen, the egg after the low temperature is likely to lose its taste and become rougher.

Портятся и теряют свойства: какие продукты нельзя хранить в морозилке

Fruits and vegetables. We are talking about foods with high liquid content. The fact that the low temperatures degrade the flavor and shape of vegetables and fruits. Thus, you save your products and make them unfit for human consumption.

Grass. About the same, what happens to the fruits will occur and with herbs. After defrosting, most herbs will turn into an incomprehensible mess with a very unpleasant taste.

Dairy products. Yogurt, milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products should not be stored in the freezer. Consume dairy products after thawing, you risk to get food poisoning. If you need it? Unlikely.

The meat and seafood. Of course, if you bought meat or seafood, then for safety it is better to put it in the freezer. However, if you kept the meat warm, it unfroze, and after again put in the freezer, you run the risk of spoiling the product.

Repeated freezing and thawing as seafood and meat only lead to the fact that products lose their natural taste and become hard smack. Moreover, the risk of all kinds of food poisoning increases significantly.

Портятся и теряют свойства: какие продукты нельзя хранить в морозилке

Sauce based on eggs. Such sauces include not only mayonnaise, but also a meringue, custard, etc., Immediately after defrosting any of these sauces, you get a lot where there is a clear separation of ingredients. The fact that low temperature leads to the destruction of the emulsion, and that will ruin your product completely.

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