Detecting cancer in 5 minutes: developed a revolutionary test

Обнаружить рак за 5 минут: разработан революционный тест

Cancer cells can identify in just a few minutes. A new survey method was invented by scientists from Kislenkova University.

The basis of test is water, which added a gold nanoparticle, on which the water acquires a pink hue. If the liquid, add the DNA of a healthy person, the color will change to blue. The DNA of the cancerous cells will not be able to get the water to gold to change the color.

Обнаружить рак за 5 минут: разработан революционный тест

Not so long ago experts found that in cells, DNA exists special a methyl group, the purpose of which is “turn on” and “off” genes that are needed or not needed by the body. In cancer cells there are only those genes that positively affect the development of tumors. With a methyl group react with gold nanochastitsy what happens pink hue color.

This procedure I decided to check on the numerous cases of breast and prostate glands, and colorectal cancer. 90 percent of cases showed the right result from what we can safely conclude about the effectiveness of this method of testing. Scientists say that this technique can afford the hospital even with a very small budget.

Обнаружить рак за 5 минут: разработан революционный тест

Remember that published a list of drugs that do not help the flu and colds.

“Once, upon learning about these methods of treating a cold or flu, everyone will be surprised to smile. Because their effectiveness is no proven by science,” said Suprun.

Politeka also wrote that people in the future will not a very rosy predictions by some experts: Mass dementia and cancer.

Scientists whose research published in the journal The Lancet Global Health, included in the list of diabetes 2 diabetes type, cardiovascular disease, dementia (dementia) and cancer of the breast and colon. The cause of all ailments become insufficient physical activity. In order to avoid negative consequences, all people aged 18-64 years who encourages moderate loads of at least 150 minutes per week or heavy loads not less than 75 minutes.

It was written that Ukraine has raged dangerous disease.

At risk disease this disease are people who are sick with the following diseases: HIV, diabetes, Oncology, gastrectomy, chronic renal disease, use drugs, are an unbalanced diet, has dramatically lost weight.