Details of the interior, which is absolutely inappropriate in the girl’s house after 30 years

Home is a reflection of the inner world.

Деталі інтер&#039єру, які абсолютно недоречні в будинку дівчини після 30 років

The interior of the apartment can tell a lot about its owner. Home is a reflection of the inner world. If you look at it should give the impression that living here is self-sufficient and a grown woman. And not a young student, a freshman, reports Rus.Media.

The designers spoke about the design details that work against the image of his 30-year-old housewife and give her a faulty taste.

Furniture “for the first time”

When you are moving out from parents and rent an apartment, there is the question of furniture. Housing is not your and financial you are limited. Comes to mind, as it seems the most rational option: “Buy furniture for the first time, and how to save up for your own place – be sure to fill it full of beautiful things.”

In fact it is just an illusion. As practice shows, the large majority of these plastic chairs, cheap tables and other things moving into your new home.

Invest in your future housing right, designers, let you will not have a lot of furniture to buy you will gradually, but it will be sturdy and durable.

Plastic kitchenware

Remember: the house can be plastic utensils, but only in order to use it on trips into the countryside. At home gatherings is an adult and can’t afford to lend to friends plastic cups – it’s just disrespectful to him, to himself and to his house.

Sofa bed

Of course, mobile great sleeping place saves space. Designer Jonathan Adler believes that all kinds of folding beds, sofa beds or even inflatable mattresses are suitable for young persons who have not yet acquired their own house or take his comfort in a prominent place. But the older you get, the better you should become and your bed is a place for healthy recreation in a pleasant atmosphere, which you rightfully earned.

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Cheap bed linen

Healthy sleep – a pledge of good rest and a productive day. So do not skimp on your rest, freshness and vigor – only sleep on linen made from natural materials.


Posters of favorite pop stars and film should be left in the past, as soon as you come out of the age of the teenagers. If you really want something to decorate the walls, let it be stylish picture.

Photo frames with inscriptions

Girly fun frames with inscriptions like “Love” and “Best friend” is better left in the attic or in the country, and for the apartment to pick up a simple, classic photo frames that will resonate with the interior. “After 30 it is time to choose things “outside of time”, which you will keep forever,” says designer Nicole Gibbons.

Artificial flowers

The apartment is equipped with plastic flowers, is, perhaps, a nightmare for any interior designer. Judge for yourself: it looks tacky, silly, lifeless. It is unlikely that you need such a dubious “beauty”, it is better to buy any unpretentious a live potted plant such as the plant-epiphyte.

A curbstone under the TV

Designers Lauren Buxbaum and Sasha Adler think that the Cabinet under the TV – the last century. And we agree with them though, because a piece of furniture clutter the space and collects dust. A modern woman wants to spend less time on putting the house in order, trying to get rid of unnecessary things and free up space for the new in my life. So just hang the TV on the wall.

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Soft toys

Soft toy in a stylish interior only valid if you have a toddler. In other cases, dozens of Teddy bears donated by former fans, it is better to give to charity. They just take up space and collect dust.

Dull cushions

The pillows are included with sofa, often boring and uncomfortable. And the easiest way to make the interior brighter and more interesting to buy new pillows in different interesting colors and shapes.

Jonathan Adler advises to change the pillows every season, and the interior will seem fresh and updated.

Bare floor

The lack of carpets – not the best solution for the women’s nest, says interior designer Orlando Soria. First, uncomfortable. Secondly, autumn and winter to step on the bare floor cold.

You should look for fine rugs. Just choose a rug of the right size: too small will break the proportions of the room.

Empty shelves

If you have shelves, they must stand. Otherwise this subject that has lost its functionality, it will look sluggish, cold, and sad.

Place the books on the shelves, flowers, or other decor items. But don’t overdo it – remember you with these shelves will have to wipe the dust.

Nezapravlenny bed

Perhaps, there are no plastic chairs or even the posters on the wall will not be able to work against your image as much as nezapravlenny bed. In the eyes of the guests you will immediately give up a slob.

One thing to try to manage to fill the bed when he slept on the job, and quite another to make it a habit. Be careful and business – it works much better than expensive details.

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And finally

Home decoration is a creative process. Rules are needed in order to steer imagination in the right direction. But it is also very important to listen to their desires and feelings, even if some tips of professional designers have neglected.

So listen to yourself, follow trends and take note of the rules of decorating from the professionals. And then your house will be filled with comfort.

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