Destructive elements swept through Russia: “at home with the people got in the way of the storm”, shots of distress

Разрушительная стихия пронеслась по России: «дома с людьми оказались на пути бури», кадры бедствия

A powerful hurricane swept across Russia. The witnesses shared footage of the raging elements in social networks

On Saturday, may 25, over the reservoir of the sea of Rostov in Rostov-na-Donu was swept by a strong tornado. People captured the vortex on the video.

The footage you can see how the water rises above the funnel, which begins to grow at an unprecedented rate. The sky was completely covered with clouds and it was raining. In the video it seems that a huge air funnel moves in the direction of houses.

Despite the fact that the storm was extremely spectacular and awesome, the locals claim that tangible harm to the tornado not struck.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Ukrainians massively suffered due to a natural disaster that broke out in the Western regions.

May 26, after heavy rains in the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk region the flood came that covered dozens of houses. Press-service gschs reported on the struggle against the elements and published a striking photo of an incident.

Rescuers rushed to battle with the natural disaster. According to them, in Ivano-Frankivsk region remain flooded 22 yards in 4 settlements. The flood covered the Kalush district of the city of Kalush and Perevozets ‘ village, Kolomyia district: village of Toporivtsi and Nadvirna district, namely the village of Pniv.

Meanwhile, the Transcarpathian region, the threat has decreased significantly. All the houses were above the water level. However, flooded basements 79, 153 households, and 492 hectares of fields.

Разрушительная стихия пронеслась по России: «дома с людьми оказались на пути бури», кадры бедствия

The press service warned that in the future the water level can significantly rise. So it is 0.1 — 0.6 meter rise in the river basin of the Western bug river in the Lviv and Volyn regions. May flood creeks and farmland. In Sokal district, Lviv region, water can fill the settlements, standing on the river banks.

On the rivers of the Pripyat basin, the water level could rise by 0.2 — 0.8 m with the subsequent flooding of creeks, farmland and commercial buildings. In a number of villages in Volyn and Rivne region element threatens to flood the road. In addition, the rise of water is projected on the Tisa river near chop. Level may rise by 1140-1190 cm of water retention in the floodplains.

We will remind, weather prepares for Ukrainians a new test: “the Rains retreat”.

As reported Politeka dangerous element razing to the ground entire cities, the Ukrainians in panic.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the destructive element is approaching in Ukraine, thousands of lives in danger.