Destructive elements demolishes everything in its path, the number of victims grows: footage of disaster

Разрушительная стихия сносит все на своем пути, количество погибших растет: кадры бедствия

Devastating Typhoon “Taxi” hit Japan, killing at least three people, dozens were injured

According to police, 50-year-old woman blown off by the wind and she fatally injured 87-year-old man died due to falling of a tree, a 47-year-old employee services unit, fell from the height of the second floor and died in hospital.

Local authorities offered 390 thousands of citizens to flee their homes due to the elements.

Japanese airlines were forced to cancel hundreds of flights due to the effects of the Typhoon. Rail traffic was also disrupted.

Now a tropical storm weakened and left the territory of Japan. He continues to move in the Pacific ocean along the coast of the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. The wind speed within it is, according to the meteorologists, 40 m/s.

Earlier it was reported that at least 46 people were killed from hurricane “Dorian” in the Bahamas. The Ministry of health of the Bahamas noted that in fact the dead more, but carried away by water in a sea of corpses yet to be found.

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In the Bahamas because of the hurricane damaged or destroyed about 13 thousand buildings, in many areas strong flooding. The island of Great Abaco has been completely destroyed and virtually uninhabitable, the body floating in the water, local can’t breathe because of the “smell of death”.

Разрушительная стихия сносит все на своем пути, количество погибших растет: кадры бедствия

It was also reported that Hollywood star, the first black actor who received an Oscar for best actor, lost relatives in the storm “Dorian”. More than 23 relatives of American actor Sidney Poitier was missing in the Bahamas after you hit the Islands hurricane “Dorian”. This was told by the nephew of actor Jeffrey.

66-year-old Jeffrey Poitier said that for several days no news from his family, including sisters Barbara and her children who live in Bahamas. The man loses faith and is going to go to the Bahamas himself to search for his family.

We will remind, Ukrainians are warning of a powerful earthquake, this is a once in 100 years.

As reported Politeka, Typhoon in China began to kill, the ambulance carrying bodies and wounded, “the country is paralyzed.”

Also Politeka wrote that devastating storm attacked Thailand, “this was not 40 years”, the footage of the disaster.