Destructive elements covered Ukraine: “the roads turned into rivers”, appeared in the video

Разрушительная стихия накрыла Украину: "дороги превратились в реки", появилось видео

Network publish all new footage of the disaster which has attacked a number of settlements of Ukraine on 28 April

So, a huge hail fell in Zhytomyr and Ternopil regions.

“Some huge hail literally “flooded” roads. Due to poor visibility, drivers were forced to stay on the sidelines and wait out the storm” — reported by witnesses of yesterday’s disaster in the Zhytomyr region.

Note, the rescuers are engaged in elimination of consequences of bad weather that went through several areas of the region and affected the regional center.

About it reports GU gschs in the region.

“Divisions of management of gschs area and structural units eliminate the effects of the weather, which was held in the Ternopil region on April 28. The worsening weather was accompanied by thunderstorms, gusts of wind and precipitation as rain and hail. The storm caused a lot of troubles in the region. To eliminate the consequences of the incidents involved the fighters of service of rescue “101”. As of 21:00 in the area affected 34 households”, — stated in the message.

In Berezhany and Kozovsky areas of the flooded plots of land, the flow of rain waters damaged two cars. In some villages complicated by the passage of vehicles.

It is also noted that rescuers evacuated from the impounded vehicle’s four passengers, two of them children.

Разрушительная стихия накрыла Украину: "дороги превратились в реки", появилось видео

Earlier it was reported, that recently, forecasters made a forecast for the weather in may. It is changeable, but most of the month’s projected high temperature and lack of rainfall. It is already the second half of may weather forecasters expect the bad weather conditions.

Beginning of may is expected to warm and clear. Forecasters say about the maximum air temperature in Ukraine in the first week of the month — up to 25 degrees. After Sunny days for a while come rain and thunderstorms.

Recall that in Ukraine on Easter, snow fell.

As reported Politeka, weather upset Ukrainians: much colder, more accurate forecast.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather division of Ukraine: the present summer and cold.