Destructive elements attacked the Ukrainians: “the peace of God be seen” scene of the Apocalypse

Разрушительная стихия атаковала украинцев: «божьего мира видно не было», кадры апокалипсиса

Region second day could not recover from the effects of the devastating hurricane

Element felled fences, trees, poles electrosupport.

In Chernihiv region was swept by a devastating hurricane, which still can not move away the locals. For two days people in 55 settlements sit without electricity, according to a story TSN.

Разрушительная стихия атаковала украинцев: «божьего мира видно не было», кадры апокалипсиса

A strong wind pulled out trees with roots, cut down fences, tore roofs of houses fell like matchsticks posts electrosupport.

“This was done that God’s world was not visible” – emotionally shared one of the locals.

His fellow villagers said: “my son sat quietly and cried.”

People say that every house that has affected the hurricane loss at least for a few thousand. And in homes where the wind tore the roof for tens.

The power supply in the field of energy promise to restore the rest of the week.

As we wrote earlier, the raging element caused damage on a huge amount.

One lightning strike wiped out 40 houses on wheels. The accident happened in Spain in the town of Ventalló (Autonomous community Catalonia). The zipper was in a car Park where stood a house on wheels.

Lightning caused a fire and began a large-scale fire. The result is burning everything. The fire extended on the area of 1.5 thousand square meters. To fight the fire came six fire brigades. Rescuers barely calmed the flames.

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The fire burned 40 homes on wheels. Whether there are victims in the incident was not reported.

Разрушительная стихия атаковала украинцев: «божьего мира видно не было», кадры апокалипсиса

We also reported that the raging element did not leave any chance to the poor animals. All died.

The incident happened on Tuesday, August 13, in the village of Pechenizhyn in Ivano-Frankivsk region. There was a thunderstorm with torrential rain, thunder and lightning.

Sheep from the rain hiding under a tree, which suddenly was struck by lightning. As a result, all 20 animals were killed, said a local farmer Vasyl Stefurak.

“Nature is ruthless! A moment, thunder and… Minus twenty heads… such is the fate of a shepherd. All that was under the tree, even hair paplavinis,” said Stefurak.

He added that he died “mom and lambs.”

We will remind, Putin refused to extinguish Siberia, Russia on the brink of disaster.

As reported Politeka, fires in Siberia nobody puts: the truth surfaced.

Also Politeka wrote that helpless Putin ran for help to the enemy because of the fires in Siberia