Desperate revolt broke out in “DNR”, under the threat of militants in a panic from happening

Отчаянный бунт вспыхнул в "ДНР", начались взрывы: боевики в панике от происходящего

The explosion has traditionally blamed “the Ukrainian military-political leadership”

A powerful explosion occurred in Makeyevka near MREO on September 29. About the incident in his blog on the “Explorer” wrote Dmitry Cherkasov.

According to him, the militants “DNR” do not know what else to think of, to all the troubles to blame the Ukraine, and are increasingly resorting to the tactics of the terrorist group “ISIS”, aware of their own helplessness.

Отчаянный бунт вспыхнул в "ДНР", начались взрывы: боевики в панике от происходящего

It turned out that the explosion – the handiwork of “dangerously” carriers that travel from the “nedorespubliki” in Ukraine. This was their response to the tightening policy of “DNR” in relation to them.

“In an order they are obliged to issue a license for the transportation of people. This paper is worth a lot of money, about 5000 rubles. Well, they did this salaujou, but on this issue, or money laundering, is not over. On the block-posts in the Republic, airport Shuttle service, in any case, pay money for to travel to Ukraine. Here the sum varies from 200 to 500 rubles”, – says Dmitry.

And concludes: even in “DNR” and trying to blame Ukraine, where the “young Republic” no money, in fact, except for “people power” in a situation not to blame anybody.

“The moral of all this is that if the “DPR” appeared out of nowhere, she’s there and disappear, natural selection has not been canceled”, – concluded the author.

Earlier we talked about the fact that after the repair of the bridge in the Village of Lugansk in the occupied territory of Donbas will be able to drive trains and cars. About such plans of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informed the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko during the discussion of the restoration of the bridge.

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Отчаянный бунт вспыхнул в "ДНР", начались взрывы: боевики в панике от происходящего

“Perhaps there will be railway communication, so that people can comfortably move from one side of the demarcation line to another,” – said the Minister.

We also wrote about the fact that soldiers of the APU eliminated in the Donbas one of the commanders of the Russian occupation forces “L/DNR”. October 3 was destroyed by a senior Russian terrorist Anatoly Baboshin with the call sign “Bard”.

It is known that Baboshin were in a terrorist formation of the “Patriot” and so-called Russian “volunteers Union of Donbass”. On the website “the Peacemaker” States that “Bard” was born in 1982 in Bryansk.

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