Deputies staged a brawl right at the meeting, went Saakashvili: video “showdown”

Депутаты устроили потасовку прямо на заседании, досталось Саакашвили: видео "разборок"

Members of Parliament started to argue during a meeting, which discussed the demands of the opposition

It happened in Georgia, writes the Correspondent.

The meeting began with the expressed opposition of the protest, they demanded to amend the agenda to consider the opposition’s demands, particularly the resignation of the interior Minister George Gakharia and the release of all protesters detained in the capital on the night of 21 June.

The parliamentary majority of the party Georgian dream (116 out of 150 seats) refused to change the order of the meeting. In addition, the faction’s leader Mamuka Mdinaradze accused the opposition and ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili that they are “the chief evil to Georgia,” because I’m trying to use the protest for regime change in the country.

After this, the deputies grappled, but the fight was prevented roznava their bailiffs. Because of the violation of the rules of the meeting was declared a technical break. Video of the fight, see the end of the news.

Депутаты устроили потасовку прямо на заседании, досталось Саакашвили: видео "разборок"

On the night of 21 June in the centre of Tbilisi started to protest that provoked the visit of the delegation of the Russian deputies. During dispersal of the rally at the Parliament building were injured 240 people.

As stated by George Zacharias, Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia “will carefully examine” all the circumstances of the action under investigation. Georgian law enforcement authorities have opened a criminal case under article “Organization, conducting and participating in public disorder”

“All those people who encouraged, organized and managed to turn a peaceful demonstration into a violent, carried out the assault to the police and Parliament – they will be severely punished,” he said.

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The Minister also stated that a direct relation to the riots have the leaders of some political parties – “they provoked riots and called for the storming of Parliament, and when the situation worsened left protesters”.

Депутаты устроили потасовку прямо на заседании, досталось Саакашвили: видео "разборок"

“I resent those people, the politicians who provoked our ordinary citizens, and then disappeared from the area. Specific policies and party representatives were able to oppose each other, the police and citizens who expressed sincere protest. None of them after 10 PM was not there. All just escaped from there, and after their provocations left against each other, the youth and the police,” said Zacharias.

Recall, the police decided not to stand on ceremony with the protesters in Tbilisi: “hard sweep.”

As reported Politeka, it became known, how many injured in clashes between police and protesters in Tbilisi: digit increases, impressive shots.

Also Politeka wrote that the storming of the Parliament in Tbilisi escalated into a battle, shots fired: the number of victims is growing.