Deputies rushed to rescue wronged Gerashchenko from the wrath of the “servants of the people”: the epic footage

Нардепы бросились спасать обиженную Геращенко от гнева "слуг народа": эпичные кадры

The deputies of the “European solidarity” with the ex-President Petro Poroshenko block the rostrum in the Verkhovna Rada

It is reported by the Country.

Such a maneuver is that the relevant Committee of Parliament has decided to suspend for some time the companion of the fifth President Irina Gerashchenko from the Parliament for unethical statements.

Behind the podium stood the people’s Deputy Nikolay knyazhitsky, with him came the representatives of “European solidarity” in the Parliament: Petro Poroshenko, Andriy Parubiy, Irina Gerashchenko, Irina Lutsenko and others.

Нардепы бросились спасать обиженную Геращенко от гнева "слуг народа": эпичные кадры

Note that the same “European solidarity” has arrived and when the incident occurred, for which Gerashchenko wants to eliminate five meetings.

She, in a speech, he compared the party “servant of the people” with “little green men”, which in 2014 captured the Crimea.

Spokesman Dmitry Razumkov said that this is unacceptable and has turned off her microphone. After that, the representatives of the party Poroshenko came to the podium.

Нардепы бросились спасать обиженную Геращенко от гнева "слуг народа": эпичные кадры

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Gerashchenko on the initiative to deprive her of powers the following five sessions of the Parliament have said so in Facebook.

“Friends, I “the servants” want to arrange a public flogging for speaking out and cause “on the carpet”. It is noteworthy that in response to a gross violation of the new speaker of the rules, I acted emotionally and imaginatively, but the devils did not call anyone, and none of the names or titles of the faction is not remembered. And, according to Freud, people are excited. What I can say here. We still have freedom of speech and freedom of expression,” wrote the politician.

Also Gerashchenko advised the servants to do better “your pusher”, which for the first time the Parliament has violated the law.

Recall, Gerashchenko paid for “Zelensky-ignoramus”, a shame to see all Ukraine

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko and Gerashchenko was throwing a loud tantrum

Also Politeka wrote Gerashchenko pulled on the young, Poroshenko is no longer needed.