Deputies Poroshenko along with Putin: “it’s the revenge of Pro-Russian forces”

Депутаты Порошенко подыграли Путину: «грядет реванш пророссийских сил»

Ukrainian journalist commented on the adoption of the scandalous law on the language

By adopting the law on language, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada have created a base for the revenge of Pro-Russian forces in the parliamentary elections. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the chief editor of the Internet edition “Island” Sergei Garmash.

“The restraints and coercion could be effective in the last century, when people had no choice. Today there is a choice. People are lazy and don’t like it when they are under pressure. They just switch the TV or go online. We just pushed 40% of the population in the Russian information space,” – said the journalist.

Депутаты Порошенко подыграли Путину: «грядет реванш пророссийских сил»

Harmash said that the presidential elections showed the attitude of the population to the nationalist policy of the current government, and believes that MPs have taken this step of their “tricks bordering on meanness.”

“Looks like they don’t care what the consequence of their “linguistics” may be another linguistic split of Ukraine during the election campaign and the strengthening of Pro-Russian political forces in the Parliament”, – says the publication.

According to Harmash, the adoption of the law for the “block of Petro Poroshenko” is a way of mobilizing “those 25% who voted for Poroshenko in the second round.”

“There’s a way to keep themselves at the trough. Even at this price. And they do not care actually?! It does not even matter that this law will continue (he might not be signed, can be cancelled in court may be revised in the new Parliament, etc.). For them it is only a tool for the implementation of the principle of “divide and conquer”, the reason for political activity, the topic to talk on… And what will happen to the country? After the Crimea and Donbass the question is rhetorical, they will suffice…” – sums up the journalist.

Депутаты Порошенко подыграли Путину: «грядет реванш пророссийских сил»

Informed political expert Elena Dyachenko on his page in Facebook said that the language law was adopted with violations.

“The language law was voted on today by the constitutional violation of the voting procedure, namely the requirements of article 84 of the Constitution to vote in person. It is the basis for representation in the constitutional Court to recognize it unconstitutional. Let me remind you, last language bill of Kolesnichenko-Kivalov was a year ago, KSU cancelled because of violations of the voting procedure, but not in fact. On my video — the faction of the “will of the people” helps to establish democracy,” she said.

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