Depression in old age leads to diseases: how to get rid of

Депрессия в старости приводит к болезням: как избавиться

Scientists have figured out how to prevent depression in the elderly

Vitamin D deficiency in the elderly in 75% of cases leads to depression. The probability of depression may persist for three to four years.

This is evidenced by the results of the research of Dublin, Trinity College.

Депрессия в старости приводит к болезням: как избавиться

According to scientists, at an advanced age depression can significantly affect functions of the body, leading to the development of many diseases. From vitamin D dependent process of assimilation of such elements as phosphorus and calcium, as well as metabolism. A deficiency of this vitamin can have negative consequences for bone tissue, to be the cause of inflammatory processes and the development of diabetes.

“The basis of our study was the long-term monitoring of depressive States of the patients. The obtained results indicate that vitamin D deficiency may affect health for several years, to speed the return of depression,” said the publication IrishCentral head of the research group Eamon Laird.

“For Ireland, this is a serious problem,” — said the scientist. According to statistics, one eighth Irish, a lack of vitamin D in the winter months — one in four.

According to Laird, the government should more actively carry out preventive work, and food producers to encourage to enrich food vitamin supplements.

“The deficit of this important vitamin is easy enough kompensiruet with proper nutrition”, — said the scientist.

“Unfortunately, in Ireland the enrichment of foods with vitamin D is voluntary, and it is carried out by only a few manufacturers,” said Laird.

To maintain normal level of vitamin D is recommended to be open to sunlight parts of the body at least twice a week for 10?30 minutes. Among food products the content of this vitamin is most significant in algae and fatty fish — such as salmon and cod.

Депрессия в старости приводит к болезням: как избавиться

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