Demi Moore had an affair with a Serbian style media

Деми Мур завела роман с сербской стилисткой - СМИ

Hollywood actress was visited by her lover in Belgrade, and together they are raising her daughter.

Famous Hollywood actress having an affair with a stylist from Serbia. It is reported Radar Online.

Relations 55 year old demi Moore and 43-year-old Masha Mandzuka lasts for about two years. Media reported that the actress visited a friend in Belgrade, but the more time the couple spends in the States.

Have Marzuki have a two year old daughter Rumi, which now brings the pair together. The source claims that Moore even installed a baby seat in his car.

It is also reported that last Christmas the couple and three adult daughters Moore from marriage with Bruce Willis spent together. Also the pair have a five year-old son.

Previously, demi Moore was the victim of fraud. The attacker used the credit card of a movie star, and spent her about 170 thousand dollars. The Correspondent also reported that Michael Douglas received a star on the walk of fame.

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