Demarche Lukashenko has ceased to be a secret, Putin could not forgive: details of the scandal

Демарш Лукашенко перестал быть тайной, Путин может и не простить: подробности скандала

Lukashenko said that the losses of the country from contaminated Russian oil is hundreds of millions of dollars

This became known to the Agency “BelTA”. In addition, it is reported that Lukashenko demands compensation from Russia. He States that Belarus has received less profit.

“We have not a certain income, foreign exchange income, transit — we have a lot of money lost. Hundreds of millions of dollars. Journalists often this amount call, it is far from the truth,” — said Lukashenko.

Демарш Лукашенко перестал быть тайной, Путин может и не простить: подробности скандала

The final amount of damage as said by Lukashenka, is still unknown, but it is quite large. According to the President of Belarus, compensation of losses of the Belarusian side he had not discussed with Putin. Lukashenko said that the Russian President knows that the damage will need to compensate. “He publicly acknowledged that this is a huge damage. What? Experts consider. I think the Russians do not have this challenge. What we have with the Russians going to sue on this issue? I think we will figure out who owes what to whom”, — Lukashenka.

Демарш Лукашенко перестал быть тайной, Путин может и не простить: подробности скандала

Earlier it was reported that the Belarusian economy has strengthened and, in principle, existed at the expense of Russia, and Alexander Lukashenko considered one of the richest leaders of the countries of the former USSR.

All aimed to Belarus means “settled in the pockets of the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko”.

This opinion was voiced by the chief editor of the Belarusian opposition website “Charter 97” Natalia Radina. The journalist says that we are talking about billions of dollars:

“It is obvious that Russia has run out of money. It can’t Fund in the same volume of the Belarusian dictatorship. The fact that Ukraine is not being discussed: there is no Lukashenko’s economic miracle and Russia has subsidized the Belarusian economy. During these 25 years, former state farm Director Lukashenko has not conducted any economic reforms. The country has existed thanks to cheap Russian energy, Russian loans, endless subsidies and handouts. All.”, — said Radzina.

25 years Belarus was “subsidized Russian region”: “But huge sums allocated to Russia, first, stolen second, went to power the machine that allowed Lukashenko to retain power, the third, was in the pocket of Lukashenko and his family,” — says the journalist.

We will remind, the son of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Nicholas has changed beyond recognition.

As reported Politeka, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has gone.

Also Politeka wrote that Lukashenko laugh network is an absurd statement.