Demanded suspension of two senior officials from the MTQ

ne-peux-pas-croire-quilThe Quebec MP Martine Ouellet Party demands the immediate suspension of two senior officials from the Department of Transport (MTQ), the time a police investigation shed light on the allegations of document tampering and intimidation he presented two weeks ago parliamentary committee.

“Following revelations of Louise Boily and Annie Trudel, it is clear that there is a small clique that spoils the atmosphere and operation of the MTQ. I think Ms. Daniele Cantin [ADM] and Nathalie Christmas [Director of Investigations] should be suspended from their duties the time of police investigations, “said La Presse Ms. Ouellet.

However, nothing indicates that there is an investigation to the Surete du Quebec or the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC). The situation worries Ms. Ouellet. “I can not believe that there is no investigation, reacted Martine Ouellet. And if that’s the case, I hope that the Minister of Public Safety will ensure that there will be. It must be the Sûreté du Quebec who cares, “she said.

The request of Ms. Ouellet adds to the reaction of his Liberal colleague Guy Ouellette which outlined its expectations in Monday’s press, following the sworn testimony of Ms. Boily and Trudel. Mr. Ouellette wanted the SQ and UPAC are addressing the issue. For its part, Ms. Ouellet preclude either UPAC investigation that given the statements of the head of UPAC, Robert Lafrenière, before the Public Administration Committee (PAC), that is to say, that the administrative aspects of the MTQ are not within its jurisdiction.

Since mid-May, the MTQ has been heavily criticized particularly by former Minister Robert Poëti. He had conveyed his concerns to his successor but seeing no response, he decided to speak in the public square. The CAP is then input folder and heard in turn, the Deputy Minister Dominique Savoie (since sacked), the head of UPAC and Ms. Boily and Trudel.

During their visit to the PAB, Ms. Boily and Trudel explained that the documents submitted by the MTQ to elected and which they are the authors were changed without their knowledge. In addition, Ms. Trudel described being faced much resistance from the leadership of the Ministry to conduct its analysis. As for Ms. Boily, she claimed to have been bullied in particular from Cantin and Mrs. Claus in connection with the work of the Charbonneau commission.

For its part, the Auditor General has been mandated to audit the MTQ.

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