Delta Tour: Elliott Doyle in a good shape

elliott-doyle-avant-pris-15eElliott Doyle continued his good work at the Delta Tour on Sunday, British Columbia. The Almatois finished 15th in the road race, third and last stage of the competition taking place in the BC Superweek.

After his triumph in the criterium Friday, Doyle confirmed that he was in good form. He has helped his teammate Ryan Roth to win the event. “I went on a breakaway after three rounds with my Émile Jean and Ryan Roth teammates in a group of 25, summarized the cyclist of Silber Pro cycling in an exchange of messages on Facebook. Both riders are divided into a group of 11 riders. Finally, 6 of the 11 completed before the peloton. I am very satisfied with my performance today (Sunday)! ”

Saturday night, Elliott Doyle took sixth position during the test of Brenco, the second stage of the Delta Tour. He finished just behind his teammate Kristofer Dahl. “I have benefited from the work of my teammates to slip to sixth, contextualized Doyle, highlighting the aggressiveness of other cyclists on the short course 750 meters. I crashed with 40 laps to go, but I’m not hurt me. ”

Cyclists enjoy two days off before resuming action Wednesday for Gastown Grand Prix, another criterion. The BC Superweek meets five events, including eight races, and ends on 17 July.

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