Delta, the first american to fly in the Airbus A350

The A350 will serve the Asia to the colors of Delta
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From the smallest to the largest device of its fleet of nearly nine hundred planes, Delta is flying Airbus. This has not always been the case, and the Atlanta company has long been a fortress, Boeing inaccessible to Airbus. The arrival of the Airbus A350-900 this summer to mark this change of culture. It is, in fact, the first Airbus commissioned by Delta, the others being arrived over mergers and acquisitions. The 25 copies of the A350 in the course of delivery will replace the Boeing 747-400 on the asian network. Such a symbol. The two other big u.s. have made the same choice for the A350, with 22 orders for American Airlines and 45 for United.

Almost at the same time, at the bottom of the range of transport aircraft, the canadian Bombardier in great financial difficulty, with its jets CSeries CS100 and CS300 100-130 seats has ceded control to Airbus. The agreement considered a “win-win” for both partners, but losing to Boeing, without provision of capital for Airbus, has been revealed this night. This marriage allows Airbus to concentrate on the modules of more than 150 seats in its range to the A320. The smallest, the A318 of 130 seats, was the end of my career, a little competitive, because it is too heavy. This is not the case of the CSeries built by making use of the latest technology. Its largest customer is just Delta which has ordered 75 CS100 and has reserved 50 other option.

Under the wing of Airbus, the CSeries is supported

Thus, it is Airbus that will deliver and also assemble them in its plant in Mobile (Alabama), inaugurated last year. What delights Delta since the CSeries aircraft were threatened, at the request of Boeing, to be subject to 300 % of taxes and duties, anti-dumping by the administration to Trump. In assembling the CSeries on the territory of the united states, Airbus is cutting the grass under the foot to the attempts at protectionism. Under the wing of Airbus, the CSeries is reinforced, benefiting from the sales network, the post-sale support and the right end of a giant european. All these safeguards should wake up in the backlog of the canadian plane in front of customers until so sensitive to the cold.

Airbus therefore goes a little more in Delta through industrial concentration. The Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft have also joined the fleet of Delta when it merged in 2008-2010 with Northwest. But, already in 1991, taking over the transatlantic operations of Pan Am, Delta had inherited Airbus A310.

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