Delphine Ernotte tells the story of the day she has fired David Pujadas : “He was furious” – Here

Announce a star of the television news that she is dismissed, it should not be obvious : Delphine Ernotte, the president of France Télévisions, tells how was his interview with David Pujadas, last may.

At the head of the newspaper 20 hours of France 2 for nearly 16 years, David Pujadas has learned in the month of may that he was doing his last season. “This decision is not mine and it has not been explained “, had assured the reporter on the 17th may last. It is Delphine Ernotte, the president of the France Télévisions group, which has chosen to separate itself from its star presenter : “This is my decision, she had entrusted to Puremédias. This is not a sign of rejection for David. After 16 years, it must be a new incarnation because you get to the end of a cycle. “An explanation, which had not convinced David Pujadas. Invited last Friday in a Daily basis, he assured that he didn’t know still why he was fired : “On arriving, a new team often has the urge to change, to do things in his own hands and set up their own “people”. I think this is the main hypothesis, had it launched. I think it is a decision a bit matured, the desire to have someone that has installed itself. “

The journalist, today on LCI, was also mentioned briefly on the board of Yann Barthes the interview during which Delphine Ernotte told him that he would not return to the start of the year. “There are very simple sentences, very common : “I’ve decided to…” And here, ” he recounted, hinting that the discussion was not too badly placed. But the president of France Télévisions has a much different… In an interview granted to Society, which will be released this Thursday, but Daily could have a few excerpts, Delphine Ernotte ensure that the journalist is released from its hinges. “He was very shocked, furious, she says. It is washed off immediately. “According to her, David Pujadas was allegedly wounded in his ego, all the more that” it is when a woman who says to an employee, man “.

During the long interview, which lasted for three hours and stretches over seven pages in the magazine, the president of France Télévisions also justifies once again his choice not to pursue its collaboration with the journalist. “Nobody has asked me to keep it, go back on my decision,” she says. Not really surprising, when we know that David Pujadas was not appreciated by everyone, at France 2. “He terrorized the editor’, assuring that even a journalist at The Express shortly after his departure. However, the same writing he had made a very nice tribute during his last NEWSCAST.

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